Caleb Chase

by Caleb Chase

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gone for the ........ lost for bishop on a ghost and i know i got you in my fingers and i ask my woes i found you in my empty travels in my ....... but what of those that cant gone wild on the ...... but what of those who dont ..... ..... ...... ....... and oh forgotten ones and all/ oh the angles i had that written on the back of my hand but what of those that cant caught lying on the old tent but what of those that dont this places is in the ... ..... and oh aaaaahhhhhaahhhhoooo what i want want to say you know youve got to say all the things you dont you want to to play you know youve gotta say all tthe things you wont i fall into facing overblown nightmare chaser on your evening robes i am living to forget my place empty castle empty face/ faith oh you know youve gotta say you know you want to play all the things you dont dont you want to say what youv know youve got to say i re-enter with my own two hands why oh ive been waiting ..... ahhh ahhhh i dont want to know ahhhhh what youve got to show *mumbling* down thru the middle (x3) ahhh want to say one two three one two three i dont want to die one two three one two three ahhh and four one two three one two three oh ah aye oh one two three one two three ooooooooh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh cold echo
until platform fills with snow i have gone to sleep orthodontal work ...... ........ to sleep
how far til the .... of you how far til your fire will .... but what they say is not the same as what we did oooooohhh for light was bored farawy i was bored and ..... andd ahhhhhhhh i am what iiiii ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh oooooooooooo for you for you and ill stay and i will to you ohhhhhhhhhhh holding go on singing your .... ill go on bring you ..... ..... i was so happy without you without you ___________ today, today, today what i wish i new for that day today, today, today, today everything was ..... does life notwithstanding without youuu withoutoday, today, today, i was .... with you with eyes of gold without you ahhhh with the thought in the air with my eyes i will come to that i ...... oooooooooooo oooooooo oooooooooo ooooooooo dudge dudge oooooooooooooooo starbucks oooooooo *mumbling* oooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooo
Untitled 01:40
*unintelligeable singing too effected to even attempt *
Greengrow 04:19
do you say do you wanna know do you believe yourself over far far away far from it was you the .... was you to call this what i dont really know what happened dont wanna marijauna marijauna gotta say i gotta feeling in my stomach in now it was alway alway always you little whisper dont you wanna grow talks alot ... alot does does does does tonight black light do do do do doo do do do it was always you it was always you the way you get and say this next to me what you see idk what
Human Voice 03:01
Corpse Paint 01:47
bongs unfoldinng everywhere come and save me on second thought god in mind unto the walls favorite crackers im done for ahhhhh the name of soooommmme ahhhhhhhhhhhh gone for ...... god for.... faces in your echo favorite lines the ... underneith ah
bombs and farms and words forming now sloths and the veil of all ive found the bombs on the veil of the fourtieth try the moves on thail of the end of life but the wicked lines the sun it falls we estimate the voide the essence it fails the reference unfurls the pain exists alone gone into nothing hold onto fate fall deep in quiet far far away i saww the sun arize i saw you in there i saw ...... was never there i saw what what was never there everything fades everything is awful everything nooooooooo within me
found a place in the living room some things should be used speak when spoken to .... knew i wont answer to i wont answer "2" found a place in the living room last night i should be you ahhhhh i wont answer to i wont answer too oh oh immaterial its uh uh ahhhh oh oh another day another dollar so, so you see maybe it never happened i foget if its me or you ahhhhhh ah ahaha ahah uh uh uh uh uh ahhhhhh ooooooooh ... ... another place another minute its not the same another place another i;; never know
i confront this thought for a second maybe think of itt for aa minute alway lost blowing bubbles i mean ill hold my tales in the ground let me walk you home .... i want to die before im famous maybe i always do i can see its true salty barnacle say it forward its banging at the door say it forward oh i lost it now say its for what you do that for would you look for a second would oyu tak a look onto it for a moment take a break for a moment then reset you mind for second oh ancient roar something you said youd do si always knew something youd do thats just it for the moment everything youd done backwards a 2nd b that now


recorded in my bedroom on 4 track cassette


released October 9, 2016




Caleb Chase Boston, Massachusetts

also play in Amigos Imaginarios and Caleb<3Kina

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